Dimensions: 2" High x 12" Long x 11" Wide
*Coil HP tubing available for Arm unit.

*Base models include: Three airlines (handpieces not included)

*NL models include: low-speed polisher handpiece; push button high-speed handpiece; built-in piezo scaler w/ 3 tips

*Complete models include: low-speed polisher handpiece;  LED push button high-speed handpiece; built-in Satalec LED piezo scaler   w/ 3 tips

*An air source is required to operate unit (compressed air or nitrogen)

*Male and Female quick disconnect fittings required to connect to air source are provided

*Nitrogen regulator sold separately

*Nitrogen E and H tanks must be obtained from a local gas company

All Units Include:

Part #Description
54031U250 Table-Top Base Model
54032U250 Table-Top NL (No Lights Model)
54033U250 Table-Top (Complete)

Part #Description
54035U250 Arm Base Model
54036U250 Arm NL (No Lights Model)
54037U250 Arm (Complete)

The Ultima 250 Series is designed with an all aluminium body that is durable and easy to maintain. With two versatile applications to choose from, arm mounted or table-top, the 250 Series is great for practices with minimal workspace, mobile clincs on the go, or great as a second dental unit to boost productivity. This sleek and compact unit gives unmatched performance during cleaning and extraction procedures. 

  • 3 Handpiece Automatic Control
  • 3-way air/water syringe
  • (2) 1L water bottles for coolant
  • Operate with compressed air or nitrogen
  • Durable Aluminum Shell


Dimensions: 15 3/4" x 10 1/4" Long x 11" Wide

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       ULTIMA 250 SERIES

5 Year Warranty

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