• 3 Hand-piece automatic control
  • 3-way air/water syringe
  • (2) 2L water bottles for coolant
  • Powered by state of the art silent surge 1 HP oil compressor w/ dual filtration system and automatic tank draining system
  • Heavy Duty Suction System (120 PSI)
  • Table can hold up to 200 lbs
  • Continuous Running Cooling Fan

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36 1/2" High x 24" Wide x 36" Long (Table Folded)

36 1/2" High x 24" Wide x 58" Long (Table Extended)

Part #Description
Ultima 2000 (Base Model)
Ultima 2000 (NL) No Lights
Ultima 2000 (Complete)

All Units Include:

5 Year Warranty

Ultima 2000 Series

The Ultima 2000 Series is ergonomically designed with a fold away custom fiberglass shell and table perfect for sit down dentistry. The fiberglass table retains the patient’s body heat better than conventional stainless steel tables do. The black sink provides better visual acuity during extraction procedures because white teeth standout in the sinks black background. The unit is mobile and requires no plumbing, the sink drains into a collection reservoir that can be emptied after the procedures are complete. The 2000 Series gives unmatched performance with Ultima's state of the art super silent surge oil compressor proven to last the test of time.

  • NL models include: low-speed polisher handpiece; push button high-speed handpiece; built-in piezo scaler w/ 3 tips
  • Complete models include: low-speed polisher handpiece;  LED push button high-speed handpiece; built-in Satalec LED piezo scaler   w/ 3 tips
  • Compressor automatically vents the air holding tank into a collection bottle every 30 minutes the unit is connected to an electrical outlet (This feature extends the life of the compressor by preventing the holding tank from rusting and rupturing. Venting the holding tank on a compressor is part of regular maintenance that is often overlooked because it must be done manually on other dental units)

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