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(Ultima 500/2000 Series dental units)

Do It Yourself Guides

Pressure Switch

Wiring Diagram

​Part # UD0180

rectangular handpiece air gauge

Air Gauge

Diagnosing and Replacing Control Panel Air Gauge


Part # UD0274

Auto Drain

Auto Drain System

Removing and Cleaning Instructions

Part # UD0194 - 110v
 Part # UD0195 - 220v 

fiber optic system

Fiber Optic Kit Install Instructions

Part # UD0213

3 way syringe 

3 Way Syringe Button Repair Kit

​Install Instructions

Part # UD0223

Yearly oil change 

Yearly Maintenance Kit Instructions
(Ultima 500/2000 Series units & Ultima Silent Surge Compressors) 

                          Part # 54079P - includes oil removal pump
​                          Part # 54079 - does not include oil removal pump