First Veterinary Dental Forum

The first Veterinary Dental Forum was in 1987 and was formed with the purpose of advancing the knowledge, education, awareness and skills involved in veterinary dentistry. The Vet-Base dental unit fit right in and was perfectly aligned with the goals of the forum. It was a huge success and garnered overwhelming positive feedback. 


The Ultima line of products became available through every major distributor in the United States, not just Henry Schein. Ultima Dental products are available internationally through a network of independent distributors. (see Distributors tab for more info)


In 1998 the Ultima Vet-Base 500 Series dental unit was introduced. The 500 is the result of customer feedback. Customers loved the idea of an enclosed unit but the Ultima 1000 just wasn't cutting it. Doctors were looking for something sleeker, something that would fit under a standard countertop. They were looking for a quiet, reliable dental unit that is a workhorse. The Ultima 500 met back then and still meets that criteria today. It has been a customer favorite and our best selling dental unit ever since it's introduction.

Over the years the Ultima 500 has changed and upgraded its features to meet our customers needs. Always staying on the cutting edge on advancements within veterinary dentistry to enhance our users experience.  

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Organizing the then leaders in the field  Dr. Peter Emily, Dr. Charles Williams, Dr. Gary Beard, and Dr. Tom Mulligan the wet-labs quickly became a great success. The demand for education was enormous, and the wet-labs served to help market the Vet-Base dental unit as well. No one had ever seen or used anything like the Vet-Base to do oral surgery in the veterinary industry before. The First Seminar was held in Atlanta, Georgia.


Just one short year after the "OrthoBase"dental unit was introduced to the veterinary community Mr. Morris was approached by Jerry Selin, the president of the veterinary division at Henry Schein at the time. They met several times to discuss the possibility of a partnership with the idea of bringing vet dentistry to the forefront of veterinary medicine. The outcome resulted in Ultima Dental Systems becoming the exclusive manufacturer of dental units for Henry Schein Animal Health. The Ortho-Base dental unit was renamed The Vet-Base dental and orthopedic workshop, and also became known as the Schein unit. 

How it all began...

Late 1970's

In the late 1970's Jerry Morris, founder of Ultima Dental Systems, was attending a trade show related to human dentistry, when he stumbled upon a veterinary dental lecture just down the hall in the same convention center. This was the first time he'd every heard of such a thing, veterinary dentistry.

Early 1980's

With his interest sparked Mr. Morris became fascinated with the subject and intensely researched the topic. He soon found that veterinary dentistry was a rapidly growing specialty within veterinary medicine that lacked the proper equipment. In the early 1980's practitioners were using power tools such as Dremels and in some cases even gigli wire on extraction procedures.

Mr Morris saw that there was a need for good quality equipment. No one was providing the veterinarian with the equipment to efficiently perform clean oral surgical procedures. In early 1982 Mr Morris began working on the prototype pieces for what would become " the first air driven dental delivery unit" available in the veterinary market.


In 1984 Ultima Dental Systems began manufacturing and marketing the Ortho-Base dental delivery unit. The Ortho-Base "all-in-one workshop" was the first air driven dental delivery system for use in the veterinary industry. Prior to the Ortho-Base there was no air driven dental delivery system available to Veterinarians.The Ortho-Base changed the way veterinary dentistry was practiced. It transformed what was once a troublesome task to an easy and clean surgical procedure that helped advance the practice of veterinary dentistry.


In 2004 the Ultima 250 Series line of portable dental units was introduced. The Ultima 250 series is made out of an all aluminium body that is durable and easy to maintain. With two versatile applications to choose from, table-top or arm mounted, the 250 series is great for practices with minimal workspace, mobile clinics on the go, or great as a second unit to boost productivity.


In 2016 Ultima Dental Systems was acquired by 

Early 1990's

In the early 1990's the innovations continued with the introduction of the Vet-base 2. The compressor was upgraded to a custom designed silent surge quiet compressor. This reduced the noise that the delivery system produced during use in procedures. In addition to reducing compressor noise an accessories side drawer was also added for additional storage. Both the Vet-Base 1 and 2 models did not include scaling handpieces, the units included a low-speed, high-speed and 3 way syringe handpiece.


In the early 1995 Henry Schein introduced the Vet-Base 5 dental delivery system. This unit was the first Vet-Base model to include a dedicated air line for a sonic scaler. This was the only Vet-Base unit no produced by Ultima Dental Systems for Henry Schein. Ultima Dental Systems was in the research and development phase of the new Ultima Series line of dental units at the time. The unit was discontinued by Henry Schein in 2000.


In 1986 C.E Seminars was formed with the help of Henry Schein to host a series of step by step, hands on wet-labs to promote practitioner education. 

Jerry Morris (Right) at first veterinary dental forum


The Ultima 2000 Series is introduced as the first model from new Ultima line of dental delivery units. The Ultima 2000 is the first all in one unit with a specialized space saving wet-table. The Ultima 2000 is ergonomically designed specifically for sit down dentistry, and is the first enclosed dental unit available in the veterinary market. The enclosed design help to protect the dental components and extends the working life of the machine. Expanding on the idea of an enclosed dental unit in late 1997 the Ultima 1000 was released. The 1000 Series dental units was a version of the Ultima 2000 without the wet-table. The Ultima 1000 would eventually be discontinued and replaced by the Ultima 500 Series dental unit.